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The Strategic Initiative on the Human Dimension (SIHD) aims to develop strategies to support the integration of social and economic science into ICES work.

​​​​​​The human dimension encompasses the social, cultural, economic and governance issues of relevance to the vision and mission of ICES. SIHD is a network of researchers and managers within the ICES community working to provide support for the integration of social and economic sciences and the humanities into the organization's work.

SIHD aims to develop and support ICES initiatives, identify gaps in knowledge and methods, and link to projects and researchers beyond ICES to fill these gaps.

SIHD expert groups

Expert groups related SIHD activitites seek to advance social science research, catalyse new collaborations between social and natural sciences, and to increase ICES capacity to support future requests addressing social or economic issues.

SIHD encourages interactions between the scientists in these groups and other scientists in the ICES network as well as interacting with the groups to identify opportunities to further integrate social sciences into the work of ICES.

Recently established expert groups

Three new expert groups that focus on aspects of the human dimension have been established in the past two years.

The Working Group on Economics (WGECONaddresses the challenge of bringing fisheries economics into ICES science and advice.

The Working Group on Social Indicators (WGSOCIAL) focuses on improving the integration of social sciences into ICES Ecosystem Overviews and Integrated Ecosystem Assessments through the development of culturally relevant social indicators.

The SIHD Workshop on Balancing Economic, Social, and Institutional Objectives in Integrated Assessments (WKSIHD-BESIO) examined European national and international policy documents to identify economic, social and institutional (ESI) objectives.

Read about other ICES Expert Groups addressing social science issues.

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