ICES Identification Leaflets for Diseases and Parasites of Fish and Shellfish

ICES Identification Leaflets for Diseases and Parasites of Fish and Shellfish

​​​This leaflet series is dedicated to diseases and parasites of fish and shellfish. It provides diagnostic aids for identifying the most important diseases and parasites of fish and shellfish in the North Atlantic and adjacent seas.​

The series is regularly updated with new and revised leaflets, with emphasis on new or emerging disease conditions

​1Papillomatosis of eels​​Peters, N. and Peters, G.​1984
​2Lymphocystis disease of fish ​Hill, B. J.​​1984
​3​Ichthyophonus, a systemic mesomycetozoan pathogen of fish​Revised by Jones, S. R. M.​2013
​4​Coccidiosis of the liver of blue whiting​​MacKenzie, K.​​1984
​5​Digestive tract microsporidiosis of flatfish​Van Banning, P.​1984
​6​Cranial myxosporidiosis of fishes​Van Banning, P.​1984
​7​Pseudoterranova larvae (“codworm”; Nematoda) in fish​Revised by Longshaw, M.​2012
8​​​Revised by Longshaw, M.​2012
​9​Phocascaris/Contracaecum larvae (Nematoda) in fish
Smith, J. W. and
Wootten, R.
​Larval paragnathiosis of mullets​​Menezes, J.​1984
​11Haematopoietic neoplasm in the blue mussel (Replaced by No. 67)​Alderman, D. J. and
Green, M.
​12​Haematopoietic neoplasm in the flat oyster (Replaced by No. 67)​Balouet, G.​1985
​13​Portuguese oyster virosis​Comps, M.​1985
​14​Rickettsial infection of the flat oyster​Comps, M.​1985
​15Rickettsial disease of Donax trunculus​Comps, M.​1985
16​​Shell disease of oysters​Alderman, D. J.​1985
​17Minchinia armoricana disease of the flat oyster​Van Banning, P.​1985
​18Haemocytic disease of the flat oyster​Comps, M. ​​1985
19​​Marteiliosis of oysters caused by Marteilia refringens​Revised by Renault, T. and Ford, S. E.​2012
​20Mytilicola orientalis Mori, parasitism​Grizel, H.​1985
​21Bacterial kidney disease​​Revised by Bruno, D.W. ​2015
​22Viral erythrocytic necrosis​Newman, M.​1985
​23Gill disease​Comps, M.​​1985
​24Mytilicola intestinalis, parasitism​Revised and updated by John P. Bignell​2016
​25Viral gametocyte hypertrophy in oysters​Austin Farley, C.​1985
​26​Salmon lice, Lepeophtheirus salmonis​Egidius, E.​1985
​27​Vibriosis in saithe​Egidius, E.​​1985
28​Milk or cotton disease of shrimps​Van Banning, P.​1985
​29​Vibriosis in cultured salmonids​​Baudin Laurencin F., and 
Egidius, E.
30​Dermo disease of oysters caused by Perkinsus marinus
​Revised by Ford, S. E.​2011
​​31 ​ ​ ​Bacterial shell disease of crustaceans​Austin, B. and 
Alderman, D. J.
​32​Fungal shell disease of crustaceans​​Alderman, D. J.​1987
33Epidermal papilloma of dab
Watermann, B., Dethlefsen, V., and Mellergaard, S.
34​Connective tissue inflammation in dab​Watermann, B.​1987
​35Ulcus syndrome in cod​Christensen, N. O.​1987
​36​Spring ulcer disease in eels​​Dalsgaard, I.​1987
​37​Furunculosis​Revised by Bruno, D. W. ​2015
​38​MSX disease of oysters caused by Haplosporidium nelsoni ​Revised by Ford, S. E.​2010
​39SSO disease of oysters caused by Haplosporidium costale ​Revised by Ford, S. E.​2011
​40​​Pasteurella disease of striped bass​Newman, M. W.​1987
​41Granulomatous hypertyrosonaemia​Baudin-Laurencin, F. 
and Messager, J. L.
​42Infection with Exophiala salmonis​Revised and updated by D. W. Bruno​​2016
Eye-maggot (Lernaeenicus sprattae) and body-maggot (L. encrasicoli) of the sprat 
​Schram, T. A.​1991
​44Hysterothylacium aduncum (Nematoda) in fish​Berland, B.​1991
​45​Muscle myxosporidiosis of Pacific salmon​Declerk, D.​1991
​46​Buccal granulomatosis of smelt​Möller, H. and Anders, K.​1991
​47Spawning papillomatosis of smelt​Anders, K. and Möller, H.​1991
​48​Swimbladder nematode (Anguillicola crassus) in the European eel  (Anguilla anguilla)​Van Banning, P.​1991
​49Aporocotyle simplex, a blood fluke in flatfish​Thulin, J.​1991
​50Vibriosis in sea bass​​Breuil, G.​​1991
​51​Stephanostomum tenue in marine aquaculture of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)​McGladdery, S. E. ​1999
Gaffkemia, a bacterial disease of lobsters: Genus Homarus​

​Stewart, J. E. and 
Marks, L. J. 
Diplostomum spathaceum larvae (Diplostomosis) (Digenea) in fish
​Höglund, J.​1999
​54​Pasteurellosis​Romalde, J. L., Magariños, B., and Toranzo, A. E.​1999
​Santos, Y, Pazos, F., and Barja, J. L.
​56​Streptococcosis of marine fish​
​Romalde, J. L. 
and Toranzo, A. E.
​57​Roseovarius Oyster Disease (ROD) caused by Roseovarius crassostreae​Ford, S. E.​2011
​58Heart and skeletal muscle inflammation (HSMI) of farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) and the associated Piscine reovirus (PRV)​Biering, E., and 
Garseth, Å. H.
​59​Piscine myocarditis (cardiomyopathy syndro​me)​Bruno, D.​2013
Amoebic gill disease (AGD) of farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)​

​Ruane, N. M. and 
Jones, S. R. M. 
​61​Liver tumours in flatfish​Feist, S. W. and Lang, Thomas​2014
​62​Hyperpigmentation of common dab (Limanda limanda L.)​Lang, T., Feist, S. W., Noguera, P. A., and Bruno, D.​2015
​63​Pseudomoniasis (P. anguilliseptica) in farmed fish​Vennerström, P.​2015
​64Francisellosis of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.)​Alfjorden, A. and 
Ruane, N.
65​Brown ring disease: a vibriosis affecting clams Ruditapes philippinarum and R. decussatus​Christine Paillard​2017
​66​Bonamiosis of oysters caused by Bonamia exitiosa​Ryan B. Carnegie​2017
​67​Disseminated neoplasms in bivalves​Revised by Tristan Renault and Susan Ford​2017
​Stephen W. Feist and David Bass​2017
​Simon R. M. Jones
Tenacibaculum maritimum, causal agent of tenacibaculosis in marine fish
Revised by Simon R. M. Jones and Lone Madsen​​2019


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ICES Identification Leaflets for Diseases and Parasites of Fish and Shellfish

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