ICES Annual Science Conference 2017

Theme sessions

Take a look at all ASC 2017 theme sessions. Which one will you want to submit your abstract to?

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Theme session A​

ICES - PICES session: Projected impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems, wild captured and cultured fisheries, and fishery dependent communities

Jon Hare (USA)
John Pinnegar (UK)
Myron Peck (Germany)
Shin-ichi Ito (Japan)​

Theme session B

ICES-PICES-CIESM session: Bioinvasion trajectories and impacts in contrasting marine environments​​

Henn Ojaveer (Estonia)
Cynthia McKenzie (Canada)
Thomas Therriault (Canada)

Theme session C​​

Microbes to mammals: metabarcoding of the marine pelagic assemblage

Ann Bucklin (USA)
Rowena Stern (UK)
Katja Metfies (Germany)

Theme session D

From iconic to overlooked species: How (electronic) tags improve our understanding of marine ecosystems and their inhabitants

Matthias Schaber (Germany)
Derke Snodgrass (USA)

Theme session E

Poleward shifts and ecological changes of Arctic and Subarctic zooplankto​​n and fish in response to climate variability and global climate change

Hein Rune Skjoldal (Norway)
Carin Ashijan (USA)
Louis Forter (Canada)

Theme session F

Linkages between spatial ecology and sustainable fisheries


Susan Lowerre-Barbieri (USA)
Christian Jørgensen (Norway)
Ignacio Catalá​n (Spain)

Theme session G

Marine foodwebs from end-to-end and back again, a theme session in honor of John Steele

Jeremy Collie (USA)
Manuel Barange (Italy)
Mariano K​oen-Alonso (Canada)

Theme session H

The practical use of ecosystem indicators for decision-making

Jamie C. Tam (Canada)
Alida Bundy (Canada)
Laura Uusitalo (Finland)
Theme session I

ICES - PICES session: Anthropogenic effects on biogeochemical processes, carbon export and sequestration: Impact on ocean ecosystem services 

Richard B Rivkin (Canada)
M Robin Anderson (Canada)
Nianzhi Jiao (China)

Theme session J

Assessing and promoting the survival of released catches and the implications of modified survival rates on aquatic systems

Mike Breen (Norway)
Tom Catchpole (UK)

Theme session K

Introducing man-made structures in marine systems: assessing ecological effects, knowledge gaps and management implications

Silvana Birchenough (UK)
Jennifer Dannheim (Germany)
Furu Mienis (the Netherlands)

Theme session​ L

Ecosystem monitoring in practice

Sophie Pitois (UK)
Mark Benfield (USA)
Christopher Zimmermann (Germany)

Theme session M

Modelling social-ecological systems: methods and tools for scenario development and prediction

Olivier Thebaud (France)
an Jaap Poos (the Netherlands)
Jörn Schmidt (Germany)

Theme session N
Population status, life histories, ecology, asessment, and management of diadromous fishes

Karen Wilson (USA)
Lari Veneranta (Finland)

Theme session O

Patterns, sources, and consequences of intraspecificvariation in responses of marine fauna to environmental stressors

R Christopher Chambers (USA)
Hannes​ Baumann (USA),
Ian Bradbury (Canada)  ​
Theme session P

Recruitment dynamics in a changing environment: integrating spatial and temporal variability into stock assessment and management strategies

Fabian Zimmermann (Norway)
LaTreese Denson (​​USA)
Katja Enberg (Norway)

​Theme session​ Q

Integrating economic and social sciences in marine ecosystem services research

Cristina Pita (Portugal)
Tony Charles (Canada)
Maria Grazia Pennino (Spain)
Sebastian Villasante ​(Spain)

​Theme session R​

Addressing social and ecological challenges to advance marine aquaculture in a rapidly changing environment

Gesche Krause (Germany)
Thomas Noji (USA)
Robert Rheault (USA)
Wojciech Wawrzynski (ICES)

​Theme session S

Stock assessment methods, model complexity, and uncertainty

Arni Magnusson (ICES)
Patrick Lynch (USA)
Erik Olsen (Norway)



Emerging science topics relevant for ICES

Nils Olav Handegard (Norway)
Graham Pierce (Spain)
Inigo Martinez (ICES)


What is and what should be 'INTEGRATED'? Current practices and new ideas towards a philosophy of evidence-based using IEAs in ICES (lunchtime session)

Dorothy Dankel (Norway)
Mark Tasker (UK)
Sarah Kraak (Germany)

​Open sessions

Transition from ICES Strategic Initiative on Stock Assessment Methods to a more global expert group

Steve Cadrin (USA)
Mark Dickey-Collas (ICES)

Trans-Atlantic science to do ecosystem-based management

Jason Link (USA)
Mark Dickey-Collas (ICES)
Fritz Köster (Denmark)

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Theme sessions

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