Jul 31
Cleaning down and moving on

​And so it is that after almost 12 days on board the Johan Hjort - and a full month for a couple of the scientists - we finally docked in Stavanger, ​Norway’s third largest city, scene of a 19th century herring boom and modern-day oil capital. ​

Despite how interesting and enjoyable the cruise had been, I was relieved to swap my sea legs back for the land ones I had taken off over a week ago. 

As well as cleaning down the scientific labs and packing away equipment, the ship needed to be prepared for the next and final leg of the IBTS cruise, which will embark on a hydrgraphical data-collecting mission for the next week.

The data, meanwhile, will be cleaned before being submitted to ICES DATRAS database​ sometime in September for future use by the working groups.



The scientists and IT personnel involved in the IBTS Q3 cruise.


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