Jul 23
In the same boat


Simen de Lange, developer at IMR

What's your role on this survey?

I'm on this cruise to observe and get some experience on how people are measuring, registering and taking samples of fish in order to make new software to do this.

What's the idea with the new software?

You take a catch, a lot of fish, you take length, weight, sexual maturity staging and register them in a database. The system today actually works quite well, but there are some quirks. You could, for example, accidentally delete everything and it's permanently gone. This new software eliminates that possibility. Also you might get some on-screen help text about what you're supposed to do. If you have a question about sexual maturity staging of gonads – has it spawned? Will is spawn? – you could get pictures on the screen showing you different stages.

What have you learned on this cruise?

It's been quite different to what I thought. I would make something not as useful if I wasn't on this cruise.

Any challenges being on the cruise?

I miss my cat and my girlfriend! A little bit of seasickness but nothing serious. ​


Raymond Veivåg (left) – catering assistant; Vermund Aase (right) – chief steward

What's your role on the ship?​

Vermund: I buy all the stuff you need for a cruise and all the economics side of things – everything from the toothpicks to the meat. I make sure everyone has a comfortable cruise. I also have to prepare all the meals. The ship can take up to 39 people, that's quite a lot.

Raymond: I make sure the ship is clean and assist with the food and meals.

Biggest challenge?

Vermund: When you have bad weather for a long time, especially in the winter on the Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea

Raymond: To make and serve the food during bad weather. You can get bad weather in the North Sea also.

Fondest memory at sea?

Raymond: you could write a book!

Valmund: So many nice memories. We have a nice place to work

Raymond: we've been at sea for 35 years so there are a lot of stories

Valmund: of course most of the stories are secrets. You have two lives – one at sea and one as a private person back home, as a family man. Two very different lives.

Raymond: I'm not sure if it's a healthy life but it's a life. It's become a lifestyle. 


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