Sep 23
Aged and children first!

Masters student Stefanie Haase tells us about her Annual Science Conference poster 'Aged and Children first!' about challenges in the development of a new selectivity concept for trawl fisheries.

Stefanie's co-authors are Juan Santos, Annemarie Schütz, Bernd Mieske, and Daniel Stepputtis.

See high quality poster here


Wonderful science conferenc...

Wonderful science conference and making the perfect concepts and developing the challenging with us,keep follow the site for more. Great to know watch the video and increased the essential managing events.
 on 11/18/2018 9:53


I was looking for some...


I was looking for some information about giving special for the aged and children during this crucial time of the pandemic Covid 19 as they are vulnerable due to the low level of immunity power. I am a professional maid and currently working in a Dubai family (visit my company website here - where I have to take care of two aged people and three kids. They are staying home and still feeling good, but I want to know about something that can help me provide them an option to level up their immunity.

Anyway, I'm happy to have seen your video here, even though reached to it a bit late.

Mary J
 on 4/21/2020 10:01