Jan 27
Harvest Control Rule

​​​Bjarte ​​​​Bogstad, chair of the Workshop on Management Plan Evaluation on Northeast Arctic cod and haddock and Barents Sea capelin (WKNEAMP-2)​

bjarte.jpgBjarte in Kirkenes, Norway; photo, Hoskuldur Bjornsson

'Harvest control rules (HCR) are sets of well-defined rules that can be used for determining annual fish catch quotas or effort. If a management policy can be expressed as a HCR, then the HCR provides the means to determine the total allowable catch unambiguously based on a stock assessment. 

The harvest control rules for Northeast Arctic cod and haddock and Barents Sea capelin – the three stocks which are the focus of our WKNEAMP-2 workshop this week – have been used for more than a decade, and now the managers (Joint Norwegian-Russian Fisheries Commission) have asked for the evaluation of the existing rules as well as a number of alternative rules.'


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