SCICOM/ACOM Steering Group on Integrated Ecosystem Assessments



SSGIEASSGIEATrueMette Skern-MauritzenSCICOM-ACOMmette.mauritzen@imr.noSCICOM/ACOM Steering Group on Integrated Ecosystem Assessments

Developing integrated ecosystem assessment methodologies and approaches

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) implementation is a joint SCICOM/ACOM activity which recognises both current and future scientific and advisory needs. SSGIEA develops integrated ecosystem assessment methodologies and approaches that allow the use of both qualitative and quantitative data, and which can be used to address both specific advisory questions and broader ecosystem issues.

SSGIEA addresses ecosystem stability and health, taking into account ecological, social, and economic sustainability goals, as well as dealing with multi-scale issues. Ecosystem concerns which are relevant for science and management are identified and addressed by developing IEAs. Data collection frameworks supporting IEAs are also identified and implemented as needed.​

Advancing IEA methodologies and approaches in the ICES context

  • conducting pilot studies for alternative IEA approaches, and by linking qualitative and quantitative methods at appropriate spatial and temporal scales
  • developing approaches that allow forecasting within an IEA and evaluation of the effectiveness and trade-offs of different management options
  • determining and demonstrating which modelling and analytical approaches will allow projections of ecosystem states in IEAs
  • assisting management by demonstrating the effects of cumulative pressures and additive and non-additive impacts through IEAs
  • providing risk evaluations and analyses of trade-offs between sectoral objectives
  • comparing IEA and single-issue approaches in terms of their efficacy in providing advice

ICES has five Steering Groups (SSGs), which provide a home for our Expert Groups. The membership of each SSG consists of a the chairs of the Expert Groups affiliated to the SSG, plus an SSG Chair. The SSGs manage the science portfolio and ensure that delivery is coordinated and driven by the needs of the ICES Implementation Plan, as well as by bottom-up developments.​
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