Name Type Country
Name Type Country
Paul BouchMemberIreland
Timothy EarlMemberUnited Kingdom
Mathieu LundyChairUnited Kingdom
Eleanor MacLeodMemberUnited Kingdom
Samuel HardmanMemberUnited Kingdom
Niall FallonMemberUnited Kingdom
Gwladys LambertMemberUnited Kingdom
Ruth KellyMemberUnited Kingdom
Simon FischerMemberUnited Kingdom
Sergey P. MelnikovMemberRussian Federation
Stephen ShawMemberUnited Kingdom
Pia SchuchertMemberUnited Kingdom
Paul ColemanMemberIreland
Helen DobbyMemberUnited Kingdom
Sofie NimmegeersChairBelgium
Mikel Aristegui-EzquibelaMemberIreland
Vladimir KhlivnoyMemberRussian Federation
Andrzej JaworskiMemberUnited Kingdom
Hans GerritsenMemberIreland
Jennifer DoyleMemberIreland
Sara-Jane MooreMemberIreland
Ewen D. BellMemberUnited Kingdom
David StokesMemberIreland
Marianne RobertMemberFrance
Eric FoucherMemberFrance
Laurent MarkovicObserverBelgium
Vladimir LaptikhovskyMemberUnited Kingdom
Mickael DrogouMemberFrance
Claire MooreMemberIreland
Chris FirminMemberUnited Kingdom
Lisa ReaddyMemberUnited Kingdom
Katie ThomasMemberIreland
Jonathan WhiteMemberIreland
Jonathan ShrivesObserverBelgium
Bart VanelslanderMemberBelgium
Lies VansteenbruggeMemberBelgium
Kieran HyderMemberUnited Kingdom
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