Advice requests and advice release dates

​Advice is released at 12:00 (CET) on the following dates in 2019:


Release date


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22 FebruaryAdvice on sandeelEU and Norway
28 March​Advice on Pandalus in Divisions IIIa and IVa East ​EU and Norway
12 April​Advice on North Sea and 3.a sprat​EU and Norway
​17 AprilAdvice on evaluations of long-term management strategies for cod, haddock, saithe, whiting and North Sea autumn spawning herring​EU and Norway
​17 AprilEvaluation of management plan performance, input data and stock assessment for haddock and saithe in 5a​Iceland
​7 May​Advice on North Atlantic salmon​NASCO
​15 May​Revised 2019 advice for mackerel​Norway
29 MayAdvice on Baltic Sea fish stocksEU
​29 May​Advice on Measures regarding eastern Baltic cod​EU
​29 May ​Advice on the multiannual management and recovery plan for the Iberian sardine​Portugal and Spain
11 June​​Advice on deep-water fish stocks​​EU, NEAFC
13 JuneAdvice on Arctic and North-Western fish stocksEU,  NEAFC
13 June​Advice on Icelandic deep-water fish stocks​NEAFC
​26 June

Advice on a revision of the contribution of TACs to fisheries management and stock conservation for greater silver smelt (Argentina silus) in ICES Subarea 7, and for boarfish (Capros aper) in ICES divisions 8.b and 8.c

​27 June​Advice on the Implementation of the Baltic Sea Multiannual Plan​EU
​27 June

​Update of the 2019 advice for Whiting in divisions 8-9a

28 JuneAdvice on Bay of Biscay, Celtic Seas, and North Sea fish stocksEU and Norway
28 JuneAdvice on Southern horse mackerel and anchovy​EU
​5 July​Advice on hake in subareas 4, 6, and 7, and in divisions 3.a, 8.a–b, and 8.d, Northern stock (Greater North Sea, Celtic Seas, and the northern Bay of Biscay)​EU and Norway
​5 July​Valuable areas in the Barents Sea​Norway
30 AugustBycatch advice


​24 SeptemberAdvice on vulnerable Marine Habitats​EU,  NEAFC
​30 September​Advice on haddock in Division 6.b (Rockall)​EU, NEAFC
​30 September

​Advice on harvest control component of a long-term management plan for haddock at Rockall

1 October​Advice on widely distributed stocksEU, NEAFC and Norway
​1 October​Revised advice on sole VIIf,g​Belgium
4 October​​Advice on elasm​obranchs​EU and NEAFC
9 October​​Advice on Norway pout​EU and Norway
​9 October​Advice on redfish in V, XII, XIV​NEAFC
11 October​Advice on Barent Sea Capelin​NEAFC and Norway

​25 October  

Advice on a monitoring TAC for herring in ICES divisions 7.a South of 52°30'N, 7.g–h, and 7.j–k​​

31 October
​Celtic Sea Norway lobster, anglerfish in North Sea, Rockall and West of Scotland, Skagerrak and Kattegat, and Rockall megrim in 8ab.​EU
​31 October

​Revision of catch advice in 2019 for sole in divisions 7.f and 7.g (Bristol Channel, Celtic Sea) ​

​31 October

​Advice on management of the Harp and Hooded Seal stocks in the Northeast Atlantic​

8 November
​Updated June advice
​EU and Norway
8 November​Advice on Sole in Division 7.d (eastern English Channel) and North Sea dab
​EU and Norway
8 November​Advice on eel​EU
29 November​Advice on Icelandic capelin and Faroese stocks​NEAFC
​29 November​Advice on Pandalus​EU, NEAFC, Norway
29 November​Fisheries overviews and mixed fisheries advice
​5 December

​Advice on seafloor assessment process for physical loss (D6C1, D6C4) and physical disturbance (D6C2) on benthic habitats

​12 December​Ecosystem overviews
13 December​Advice on Bay of Biscay anchovy and sardine​EU

​This advice is in response to requests for advice from competent authorities as described in various cooperation documents (Memorandum of Understanding) and special requests. Read the full list of cooperation agreements.

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Advice requests and advice release dates

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